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24 AT Lotion with Sacran and Blue Algae essence

24 AT Lotion with Sacran and Blue Algae essence
AT LOTION: Have you been searching for the perfect skin care lotion to give you not only a smooth skin, but a skin which is soft to the touch? Then, you should not look past our AT Lotion. It is perfect for both males and females as well as for people with dry or sensitive skins. It contains a specialized ingredient from Japan known as Sacran. This ingredient offers ten time more moisture than those included in other face lotions and 10000 times more moisture molecules than Hyaluronic Acid. Besides that, it includes a high amount of brown sugar which makes it the perfect anti-body lotion to fight against allergies, chapped or itchy skins and eczema. Other amazing benefits you will get to enjoy during the use of this lotion includes; its anti-inflammatory and sterilizing properties that will leave your skin with a tingling effect and get rid of acne and hard spots. AT lotion is your go to lotion for a glowing and refreshed skin.