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AT SET: ATsoap, ATlotion, ATgel & AToil,

HKD$1,730.00 HKD$1,792.00
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The BEST set for moisture and to prevent eczema and help it fade away fast.

1. AT Soap -The first step to healthy skin

AT SOAP Unique properties of herbs and blue algae found exclusively in Kumamoto, infused using ancient Japanese technology.  A cleansing liquid soap that moisturizing the face, is light and fine in texture. It deeps cleans skin perfectly without stripping the skin of its moisture and is strong and safe in remove makeup all in one.

2. AT Lotion - The second step to healthy skin
AT Lotion is a rich dark brown lotion that is fragrance-free, artificial color-free, and alcohol-free.  Its top-notch hydrating nature provides a smooth protective layer to the skin for antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and clears toxins in the body, softens the skin texture, reduces fine and dry line, and keeps skin hydrated. 
Suitable for all types of skin, particularly sensitive/dry skin, whitened and soothes all eczema and acne issues.
It is an essential daily key product of our skincare routine.

3. AT Gel - Third step to healthy skin
AT Gel 24 A moisture gel and locks in all ingredients to create the best barrier to the environment.  Great for sensitive and eczema skin. 

4. AT Oil  - last step to healthy skin
AT OIL  is a high-quality "100% natural orange marine oil", colorless, odorless, smooth, non-greasy, and has no stickiness to create a skin shield
Recommended for the care of rough skin from dryness and sensitivity.
It has special healing effects for eczema-prone skin and reduces small hard spots.

The last step in completing the skincare routine is locking in moisture