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Essence: boost hydration

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Essence is a  "Dream Serum"made with miracle plant-based hydrating complex and formulated with whitening and moisturising properties. Overtime it strengthens skin and heals irritated skin. Essence contains large amounts of fullerene, an ingredient that has won a Nobel Prize and has ability to correct and prolong cell life. 

For those who suffer from irritated skin, this is a best choice serum as it hydrates skin immediately.
This beauty essence changes the skin from bottom layers up and prepares strong and stable skin for a lifetime.

Fragrance-free, color-free, alcohol-free.
Contains fullerene, EGF-1, okra extract, arbutin, blackberry extract, sea breath white (seaweed), etc.
This is our 1st step of skincare routine & by using it before At Lotion, it enhances the penetration of the lotions.

* Uses "three-chamber electrolyzed water".


How to Apply

*After washing or using Rescue Mask, take 4-6 pumps of Essence, warm inside palms and apply on entire face including eyes&neck.  Apply again to areas where you are particularly concerned about spots and wrinkles. Please use before applying any of our lotions. 

Key Benefits

  • Deeply moisturises and gives skin nutrition
  • key 1st step to our skincare system
  • helps all skincare absorb 100 times more
  • helps produce and preserve skin collagen
  • balances skin's oil&water level perfectly


Water BG Glycerin Ascorbyl Glucosid Cellulose Gum Arginine Fulleren Okura Fruit Extract Water-Soluble Collagen Kanzo Root Extract a-Albutin Yeast Extract Human Genetically Modified Oligopeptide-1 Glycyrrhizic Acid 2K Maltdextrin Uncariatomentosa Extract Urea Glucosamine HCI Algae Extract Asenyaku Extract Waremokou Extract Kihada Bark Extract Mannitol Steareth-20 Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 Palmitoyl Peptide-4 Carbomer Polysorbate 20 PVP Methylparaben Ethylparaben

Boost moisture with this serum and make skin transparent and shine with healthy glow. Secret of staying young forever.