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消費満HK$500.00 免費送貨(只限香港和澳門)





I absoltuely love essence. I have used it for 5+ years and my friends tell me I look 30 and younger by the day. I am actually 45. I am so glad stumbled across this youth keeper.

This AT Lotion is my and my son's lifesaver product. Had very serious eczema and always itchy. My son could not sleep at night. I put this lotion on religiously for a week and to my surprise I have never gotten it again (knock on wood). We have been using this for 10 years.

I have used a million products and many different brands and my skin only becomes more and more sensitive. I have used the S-line set and it has made my skin look amazing, a lot of my black spots have just disappared. All my friends use it as they the results I have had.

I am 33 and have had sensitive skin since childhood. I saw many bloggers introducing this set and decided to give it a try as they gave it rave reviews. To my amazement my skin became moist and I got such compliments that I have not stopped using this set. It is a very simple system.

Love the products. I use basic set AT Soap, Essence, Lotion, Gel. So simple yet so effective. So easy and takes minutes as it absorbs fast and no need to sepearate things for eyes. Fab!!