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消費満HK$500.00 免費送貨(只限香港和澳門)



Sereniux Line

 The SERENIUX SERIES.  This series is created to help skin from premature ageing and can be started from your mid twenties.  Besides adding water and moisture to the bottom layers of the skin, it can also renew cells to make and knit back damaged cells to make skin perfect and the pore will completely mend, no wrinkles or problems with dryness.  And of course most importantly firming.

The main ingredients in this series are our nobel prize winning ingredient Sereniux and our patented pure water alongside the best ingredients of 
  •  silk
  • okra
  • water soluble collagen
These ACTIVE ingredients all make this series special and different than others as it can change your DNA composition and renew the cells very quickly.  We have a patent on the ingredients and makes this series very special.