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消費満HK$500.00 免費送貨(只限香港和澳門)


Special Water


"Pure water"="3-chamber electrolyzed water”

BlancNeige use Japan Pure water with a sole patent (Japan patent No: 3458341).  Its special production process sustains product stability is it completely removes bacteria. This water is so pure and fine that it is used in hospitals. 

The power of beauty is H2O as it cleanses and clears impurities from the skin with no irritations and electrolytes H2O act to protect the skin from the daily outside environment. The particles are tiny and that's why ALL BLANCNEIGE products can be used on EYES and face as it can absorbed completely.

The secret to electrolyzed H2O is it has no salt nor preservatives that damage skin.

AT Soap: get clean skin fast


AT Lotion:boost moisture


AT SET: ATsoap, ATlotion, ATgel & AToil,

$1,650.00  $1,836.00

AT Gel: Get Moisturised skin fast


NEW AT Ichi:Get beautiful skin even with mask on


AT Soap: get clean skin fast