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Best Natural Ingredients

Suizenji Nori (Sacran)

Suizenji Nori is a special type of seaweed that is one of the rarest algae plants in Japan. It is classified as a miracle plant ingredient as it can only grow in special water conditions and thus it is recognised as a Kumamoto national treasure due to its many benefits of supplying superior hydration as well as anti-aging and anti-inflammatory uses. AMAZING for moisture and sealing water into skin.

  • Increases moisture 10 times more than hyaluronic acid
  • Locks in moisture 10000 times more effectively
  • Hydrates immediately
  • Soothes irritations
  • Relieves eczema and itchiness

Included in large amounts of BlancNeige Products:  AT Soap, AT Lotion, AT Gel

    Kuji Amber

    Kuji Amber is a fossilised tree resin of the Late Cretaceous from Japan.  BlancNeige uses Kuji Amber in its original raw form.  It is a rarity ingredient founded by our manufacturer and through our technology we have transformed it into a high absorbing skincare. Results show outstanding whitening effects, as it dramatically increases absorption whilst inhibiting melanin-producing cells. It has amazing powers in promoting fast collagen production and has anti-sensitive components.
    • Double effective for whitening and anti-inflammation
    • Excellent anti ageing
    • repairs from deep layers of skin
    • super hydration effect
    • removes fine lines&wrinkles
    • blocks out ultraviolet rays
    Found in BlancNeige products: Liquid Wash, AZ Rescue Mask, AZ Balance Lotion, AZ Resist Cream

      Pycnogenol ®

      A patented trademark component extracted from the bark of French coastal pines. Pine bark extract mainly reduces signs of ageing by quick cell regeneration and replication and increases production collagen.  Pine bark extract provides many benefits to the skin:
      • Protects from UV&UVB rays
      • Smoothes skin
      • Anti-aging and photoaging effects
      • Reduces wrinkles
      • Prevents inflammation and reduces redness
      • Inhibits melasma and dark spots
      • Pycnogenol® is a registered trademark of Hofer Research.
        Included in large amounts of BlancNeige Products: Liquid wash, AZ rescue mask, AZ balance lotion, AZ resist cream

          C60 Fullerene

          C60 Fullerene, a nobel prize winning ingredient is powerful for anti ageing. The molecule is tiny and permeates into skin immediately.  Its in the shape of a soccer ball making toxic things to skin bounce off and good things penetrate quickly. Excellent in firming skin and makes face appear slimmer and younger. This ingredient is very expensive and normally companies that use it only use small doses. We pride ourselves as we use high doses of C60 fullerene to make our product powerful and that’s why it works immediately (also we don’t use much dollars on advertising as our customers are from referrals of existing clientele, as we use our dollars only on amazing ingredients).

          • Helps in DNA cell repair 
          • Excellent antioxidant powers and long-lasting
          • Treats acne vulgaris, hard bumps and adult acne
          • More potent than vitamin C by 200 times
          • Minimulises formation of black spots
          • Creates loads of collagen
          • excellent in sealing moisture

          Included in large amounts of BlancNeige Products: Blanc Neige Essence


            It is an ingredient that has super whitening effects making skin crystal clear and bright. It brings skin natural transparency and the texture becomes totally smooth. Restores moisture and quenches skin immediately.

            • super whitening effects
            • intensely moisturising and yet light gel form
            • instantly replenishes skin with vitamins and nutrients
            • restores radiance

            Included in large amounts of BlancNeige Products: AZ rescue mask


              An ingredient extracted from artichoke leaves. It is especially good for antiaging and specifically for menopausal skin that is dry and thick in keratin.  So imagine how good it is for normal skin?  It contains key ingredients Vitamin C, D3, B6, Folate, and Zinc all which strengthen the immune system and the skin’s outer layers….

              • key in restoring EGF factors 
              • increases skin elasticity & super hydration immediately 
              • excellent for hormonal balance and returning skin to suppleness fast
              • removes fine lines & wrinkles

              Included in large amounts of BlancNeige Products: AZ rescue mask