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Kuji Amber Deluxe Line

Our Sereniux Skincare line is made mainly from Kuji Amber,  a fossilised tree resin of the Late Cretaceous from Japan along with 18 different plant derived ingredients. This is a hard diamond like compound and we've been able to transform it to a liquid form which is a very, very expensive process.  BlancNeige uses Kuji Amber in its original raw form and it is a rarity ingredient founded by our manufacturer and through our technology we have transformed it into a high absorbing skincare. Results show outstanding whitening effects, as it dramatically increases absorption whilst inhibiting melanin-producing cells. It has amazing powers in promoting fast collagen production and has anti-sensitive components.

    • Double effective for whitening and anti-inflammation
    • Excellent anti ageing
    • repairs from deep layers of skin
    • super hydration effect
    • removes fine lines&wrinkles
    • blocks out ultraviolet rays