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消費満HK$500.00 免費送貨(只限香港和澳門)


Nobel Prize Winning Essence

BlancNeige Essence

Essence is one of our most popular products.  Thats why we only have one!  Its main ingredient is C60 Fullerene, a nobel prize winning ingredient is powerful for anti ageing. The molecule is tiny and permeates into skin immediately.  Its in the shape of a soccer ball making toxic things to skin bounce off and good things penetrate quickly. Excellent in firming skin and makes face appear slimmer and younger. This ingredient is super expensive and normally companies that use it only use small doses. We pride ourselves as we use high doses of C60 fullerene to make our product powerful and that’s why it works immediately (also we don’t use much dollars on advertising as our customers are from referrals of existing clientele, as we use our dollars only on amazing ingredients).

-Helps in DNA cell repair

-Excellent antioxidant powers and long-lasting

-Treats acne vulgaris, hard bumps and adult acne

-More potent than vitamin C by 200 times

-Minimulises formation of black spots

-Creates loads of collagen

-Super moisture sealing ability

Essence: boost hydration